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What happened to EPS 10.x? Did it get pulled?

What happened to Endpoint Security 10.1 and 10.0? Have they been officially pulled?

It seems that since VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 6 was released, work ceased on Endpoint Security 10.1. The beta no longer exists and the product never matured into anything.

and Endpoint Security 10.0 seems to have been pulled as well. It's been removed from all grants that I and my clients have.

We have been experiencing (as have a large number of other users) issues with lockups and non-responsiveness with Endpoint Security on Windows 10. We started with 10.0.1 when Windows 10 was listed as supported, but every time a service pack or new Windows 10 build came out, we had to totally uninstall and re-install Endpoint Security otherwise the machine would lock up.

I was following Endpoint Security 10.1 beta with baited breath. I thought this would be the fix to all the Windows 10 weirdness we had been experiencing. But now it's become vaporware. All the beta pages are gone and Endpoint Security has never appeared anywhere else.

I'm still super upset with Intel/Mcafee and the whole EOL for SaaS products - not because you are going end of life, but because you have provided next to no information about what happens with clients. We all have so many questions, especially with regards to SaaS Mail. What is happening and will the client have continuity issues? Will the endpoints for antivirus move to EPO Cloud? How? Will there be a new contract? Will the pricing change? Do we have to do all of this before February? How will the migration take place? Do we need to visit every endpoint? Do we need to uninstall the old AV and agent first? Is there a mass deployment tool that will work via a login script? Can we swing from the old SaaS to the new EPO Cloud via some other smarts? Has the existing product actually already been transferred to the new owners are you are no longer in control of it? Why has some feature not been incorporated into the existing products to permit easy migration? Do we have to find and sign up with a new antispam provider? What about the MEG appliance? Will it stop working? Do we need to replace it? With what?

This whole blanket "EOL" e-mail you sent to all of the clients has done nothing but tarnish the Intel/Mcafee brand. Users are CONFUSED and are under the assumption that Intel/Mcafee is no longer and are starting to get quotations for other vendor products. I can't blame them, because as a reseller I can't answer any of their questions either.

I would appreciate feedback on all of this from someone official. So far nobody from the local Mcafee office here has said anything. Are they confused as well?

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Re: What happened to EPS 10.x? Did it get pulled?

Be more than happy to give you info of what's up with the SaaS email security and your users options. Can't say anything here, but please feel free to contact me.

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Re: What happened to EPS 10.x? Did it get pulled?

I heard they're planning to release this week the main stable version (10.1.x), but it might be delayed... We'll just have to wait and see, but this product will definitely go ahead.

Btw, these might answers some of your questions:

- Saas Endpoint EOL FAQ

- Email EOL FAQ

The information is available on McAfee's KB, if you look for it.


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