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WSL commands causing blue screen crashing in mfeepmpk


This is unacceptable. 


Look if you're going to have an antivirus software you bloody well make sure you support everything a computer does. 


I have WSL running Ubuntu1804 and a blue screen very reliably happens running your software everytime: tar, gunicorn, ufw, and nginx (sudo service nginx start) runs. 

The same package is causing it, mfeepmpk.sys. I have no way of turning this off. 


You guys have wasted two weeks of my development time because my IT team is not authorised to turn it off. Yes, I do have your antivirus updated to the latest. 


Get your act together. You absolutely can't have software taking up development time if it will reliably crash running routine unix calls. 


Fix this ASAP this is unacceptable. 


Using McAfee Endpoint Security 


Same issue as this guy:

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