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Virus altert called "Bundespolizei"


does anyone know the virus "Bundespolizei" which occurs in my network?

I have found lots of entries about that virus.

Is there a pattern for Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8.0?

The scanner did not find a virus or something like this.

The virus was first seen in May 2011 and I think this is only a modified version.

But how to protect?

Thank you in advance



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Re: Virus altert called "Bundespolizei"

Not nessesarily a virus it's more like maleware/PUP (Potentialiy Unwanted Program)/ransonware, i would have thought the anti-spyware module in VSE8.8 would have detected it. for an uninstallation guide but sadly only a manual process.

First step would be to work out how the machines are being infected (the attack vector).

Are your users visiting malicious websites, running unsafe attachements from emails or is there a comprimised machine (zombie) on your network pumping out new infections ?

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