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Security center to ePO cloud

Okay so I've recently pushed that button on security center that said you've been chosen to move to the ePO cloud sort of forced to do it as I needed to buy more licenses and everything couldn't be managed under the Security center. No problem ePO cloud looks good and easy to use.

However over the last few days I've came to realise that the Windows XP machines and Server 2003 that we have are not compatible with the ePO cloud. Nightmare.

So my Security center access will be turning off in around a month I'll have the majority of my systems over to the Epo cloud but a few are going to be left behind.

My question is this, the machines that can't be managed by the ePO cloud will they still be protected from SaaS endpoint protection? what options do I have to manage them? will they be updated automatically or will I need to do it manually?

Any help is much appreciated


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