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SafeBoot 5.1.3 - boot to XML


Decryption process on a Dell Latitude laptop was interrupted by the end user by force power-down of the device.  On restart, the laptop would get to the C+A+D screen (XP) and then hang at a blank (background blue) screen.  The HDD was crunching like mad, so we let it sit overnight.  Came in this morning to no drive activity, and still in the same state.

Anyway, here's what I've done...

Safeboot 4.6

- Booted, authorized with McAfee COD, authenticated to .XML file

- Attempted emergency boot, system hung at the Starting XP screen.

- Restarted to safeboot CD

- Attempted to remove EEPC, received error EE020016, unable to recover from power fail

Safeboot 5.1.3

- Booted, authorized with McAfee COD

- Cannot Authenticate from SBFS

- Attempted to authenticate from Database, but I only get drives A, B, and D (USB flash drive that the xml file is on), doesn't seem to see the C: drive

So my question is - 1) how to authenticate with .XML file in 5.1.3 or 2) How to get into the system to be able to back up the user's profile?



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