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Removing Default McAfee tasks from ENS

Hi All,

I am currently running ENS and Threat Prevention on a number of devices. When I check under ENS settings - Common - Show Advanced - Tasks there is a task called "Default Client Update" which seems to try and do an AMCORE / Defintion update. Is there anyway to remove this at policy level on the EPO?

I believe that mcshield.exe is associated with on access scanning but would this process also run during update? Or, what is the name of the process that runs during update of AMCORE files?

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McAfee Employee chealey
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Re: Removing Default McAfee tasks from ENS

Yes, you can remove this from within the ENS Common policy > Default Client Update

The process running during an AMCORE update is mcscript_inuse and mfetp is also involved

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Re: Removing Default McAfee tasks from ENS

Disabling the default update task doesn't remove it. I havn't found a way to remove it either but you can turn it off in the ENS Common policy > Default Client Update

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