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Profiler 1.3 does not work on Windows10 ENS 10.5.x

Pease help.

Profiler does not work. After starting collecting data profiler pop-ups with

"Failed to initialize, profiler could not configure the mcshield service. Ensure that the McShield service is running. Data capture aborted"

We are using ENS10.5.x on Windows7/10. On Windows7 it works on Windows10 NOT (same ENS version)

We have o lot of complains on performance.  For optimization, we use path-exclusions and scan-avoidance using low profile settings.
To create the correct Scanning policy for different user groups we run Profiler during the workload. This should report the processes or files that are heavily "hit" by McAfee. Based on security risks we can exclude them.

Profiler cannot capture data on our Windows10 systems?

Who can help us with this?

We were advized by McAfee to run this tool. Why does this not work. Keep saying this over and over... McAfee please test your SW!!!






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Re: Profiler 1.3 does not work on Windows10 ENS 10.5.x

Hi All,

This question can be closed.

After some checking is seems that my W7 systems have ENS10.5.3. The W10 systems still use ENS10.5.1.

The profile tool only works on 10.5.2 and higher.... nice Smiley Sad

We first have to upgrade the systems to a higher v ersion of ENS (ENS10.5.3)




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