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Product Updates - which ones are needed?

I am currently upgrading all our estate to ENS 10.5.4, which is going well.

However I am also looking to get my head round the 'Product Update' task we have running which has the following options :-

Signatures and engines:

Buffer Overflow DAT for VirusScan Enterprise (ticked)
DAT (ticked)
McAfee Drive Encryption Themes
Engine (ticked)
Endpoint Security Exploit Prevention Content (ticked)
AMCore Content Package (ticked)
ExtraDAT (Generic.Tra!cef3598b7196)

Patches and service packs:

Endpoint Security Platform 10.5.0
VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0
ePO Agent Key Updater 5.5.0
Threat Intelligence Exchange module Content 1.0.0 (ticked)

Which should be ticked and which should be unticked in an Agent 5.5 / ENS 10.5.4 environment?  We only have a handul of VSE machines left on the network now, and those are being forced off the network soon anyway.

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