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Problems with differtent versions of eetech

What i want: A cd of usb stick to recover files in windows that have  endpoint encryption.

Why : some computer dont start anymore because of corrupt windows file and than i still need to create a backup from existing files on the laptop

What works: Eetech 7.0 stand alone, this one can see all the drives, can decrypt and can reboot.

What doesnt work : WinPE with windows 7 or 8 (winpe 3 or 4), both dont see the harddrives on different laptops, cannot decrypt, cannot access the files

                              BartPE with Eetech : BSOD on evry version of windows xp and on every laptop (Dell 6520 or IBM Thinkpad T410 or T510

Also tried Eetech 6.2, same problems.

I hope that someone can help me, when i use diskpart in windows after starting PE it can see the harddrives only PE it self cannot see it.

Please help..

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