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Need help specifying the correct McAfee solution.

I am building some standalone Windows 7 and 10 systems to a customers specifications.  These systems will never touch a network.  They are requesting McAfee and I am new to it (My company uses a competing product).  I need help selecting the right McAfee solution for these systems.  They need anti-virus only.  No firewall, or anything else.  Which McAfee product should I specify.

For now I have downloaded and installed the "McAfee Endpoint Security - Standalone Client Installer" trial version for testing until I get proper licenses.  It installed fine, but it does not seem to be working right.  I cannot use it to review log files, yet the log files are in the expected directory.  When I try to update with V3_3194dat.exe, it just fails.  So I am not certain that I am using the right product.

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Re: Need help specifying the correct McAfee solution.


In my humble opinion, i think you are using the wrong McAfee product to do what is required for unmanaged windows systems with antivirus only. Perhaps the Consumer versions will suit your needs better instead of the Business editions. McAfee Total Protection Free Trial

By the way, just curious why would your company install only the basic endpoint antivirus?


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