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Mobile endpoint encryption failure - error running wm5trayapp.exe

Hi ,

We are using MEE version w.5.0.4 for encryption on  iPAQ device running windows mobile 6 classic operating system. Our users connect these iPAQs to Windows vista (32 bit) build machines using WMDC (windows mobile device centre)  version 6.1. Now many users complaining that they keep getting error on the iPAQ which is

"unable to execute \\program\files\mcafee\endpoint encryption\wma file\WM5 Trayapp.exe"

1. Not sure why this tray application gets corrupted .

2. the wm5trayapp.exe is actually installed on  \\program\files\mcafee\endpoint encryption but not sure why it  is looking for in the "WMA files" either?

This is very annoying understandably for  the users , as they once gets this error message we have to hard reset the device and install MEE on the device to get working again. We are constantly getting this problem.

Any help in understanding why this error occurs and what steps can be taken to prevent this . Also why it is looking in a different location when corrupted.


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