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Mcafee Logon Collector Help!!

I apologize if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find the rightplace.  I am having this issue with McAfee Logon Collector and the LogonMonitor, I am pretty new to this stuff.  This is what I have done so farand it seems the issue is the certificate, reason why I am saying this is becausewhen I check the Logs on the Monitor server it says Error:  GetCertContext[0x80092004] -- Cannot find the object or property.]  Could not load thecertificate name cn=DCNAME from the store McafeeLogonMonitor\My.  Ialready entered in the information in the Remote Tab in the Logon Monitor, forthe configuration tab my settings are CN=DCNAME, Store Name: My , Store Type:Cert_System_store_current_user.   When I try to add the logon monitorin the collector I get the error Unable to connect to the logon Monitor.  Pleaseverify that the entered Host Name/IP Address [DC_Name] and the port [50443] arecorrect.  I verified the port is not being blocked and I can talk to my DCfrom the server that has the collector installed.  I think I am missingsomething do to with the cert.  Any info is much appreciated.


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