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Mcafee Complete protection - Business Installation Failure

Dear Friends.

good day, my apologies if i am putting this in the wrong forum. I am very new to Mcafee products and still in testing and evaluations phaze.. yesterday i started my first day with Mcafee Complete protection - Business.

  1. Installation failed for Mcafee Complete protection installation business (Screen Shots Below): First I had to switch to windows 2008 R2 as it does not support2012. Any how when I went for the installation.. looks like all went fine butat the end process when the network scan was happening it failed and when I sawthe low file it did a network scan where it tried to find the network computersbut what I saw it was not able to see all may be because all the systems werenot on. But the one which are on it was not able to complete the ICMP requestand at the end it failed.
    1. So please advise how can we complete this as may be in highly secure environments icmp is blocked. Secondly it’s a domain based environment so ePO also needs to be a member of domain or it can be a standalone machinerunning a scan or management for the machine which are in domain with the network connectivity.



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