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McAfee Endpoint Security does not update

Hello, I am having some trouble updating my McAfee protection. Whenever I got to update, it will error out and say Update Failed. Content update failed. Check logs for details, Product update Failed. Check logs for details. I tried going through the logs and figuring out what is going on but it makes no sence. Attached are the 4 log files that were generated right after the update failure. I have McAfee 10 and last successful update was a little over a month ago

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Re: McAfee Endpoint Security does not update

Hi team,

would it be possible to get any update on this issue? I have exactly the same problem on Windows 8.1 and content and product update always fails.

Apart from that I have also found out that policy's settings (for example approved sites for Web Content and settings) do note get updated to computers.

This is multiple PC issue !!!!!


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