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McAfee Endpoint Security Issue:

Hi ya'll, I need help with my endpoint security, the web control is not working and my firewall keeps turning itself off, and it shows the error shown on the screenshot...does anyone know how i can fix this

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Re: McAfee Endpoint Security Issue:

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Re: McAfee Endpoint Security Issue:

Hello Jay

Can you kindly respond back if you are managing ENS via ePO-cloud or On premise or is this a local install?

I assume there were some traces of consumer version of McAfee or the product itself is present.

If you could open C:\Program Data\ McAfee \ End point Security\ logs\ Endpoint Security _Platform_errors.log, you can get a little clue on why this is happening.

If you have any consumer version (McAfee) or any other antivirus, uninstall them by using MCPR ( for McAfee products or respective products and restart the services to see if this fixes.



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Re: McAfee Endpoint Security Issue:

Yaz, McAfee short URL's all have no e after the f and usually use http protocol.  So works (for consumers)

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