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MFeatp.exe is utilize high CPU

I had added all the exclusion related to ANSYS (Simulation Software ) and make the Client base method to Low for Adaptive threat prevention but still issue for high CPU utilization is persit
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Re: MFeatp.exe is utilize high CPU

Have your tried to use McAfee Profiler ( to track what's going on 'behind the scene' when CPU spikes?


"Client base method to Low" what do you mean by that setting?

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Re: MFeatp.exe is utilize high CPU

If you are not on ENS 10.6 already that'd be the first thing to try, upgrade to that version.

If this is not possible and you are on 10.5.4, there is a HotFix that reduces CPU for Mfeatp.exe. See release notes below.

Release Notes McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.4 Hotfix1

To check quickly if you have this HF already installed, the version should be: Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection


Hope it helps




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