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LinuxShield 1.5.0 Filling up Hard Drive

I have installed Linuxshield 1.5.0 on Linux 2.6.2 Red Hat.

the hard drive OS partition keeps filling up to 100%

The problem files are located in /var/opt/NAI/LinuxShield/etc

They are hidden files with all numbers for names like .282383

They become very large when an on demand scan is launched.

They will continue to grow to about 10 Gig.

At this point the hard drive is full and I am unable to log on as a user to my domain.

I have to log on as root and delete these files.

Any Ideas on how to prevent this from happening.



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Re: LinuxShield 1.5.0 Filling up Hard Drive

None of us mods have got McAfee on Linux so this will have to be passed on for the techs to investigate. I'll post a message in one of their forums and hopefully someone will see it and take this up.

You may need to call Technical Support for more help on this - start HERE

As a point of interest, there are only 3 references I could find in the KnowledgeBase to Linus, and one of those was an FAQ saying Linux and McAfee Family Protection were not compatible.

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McAfee Employee

Re: LinuxShield 1.5.0 Filling up Hard Drive

This is a McAfee Corporate product (not a Consumer product), so this thread should be moved to a different Forum location, I imagine.  Plus, it's apparently a very old version.  Perhaps end-of-life?  Let's hand this to our Corporate product experts and see what they say.

Product Manager, McAfee Consumer Software
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Re: LinuxShield 1.5.0 Filling up Hard Drive

Thank you Tracy. If it's a Corporate product that would explain why we haven't seen anything like it before in the Home & Home Office section. Now it's where it ought to be someone will pick up on it, I'm sure.

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