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Knowbe4 Ransomware simulator

Hi Community Members

Does anyone has tried to rate/evaluate your ransomware protection using the KnowBe4 Ransomware Simulator tool  on a pc of your environment ? Can you share your results or findings regarding ENS protection.

The tool is available for download at Knowbe4 website along with other goodies

Please let me know your feedback



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Re: Knowbe4 Ransomware simulator

I have requested permission from my director to run this and am waiting for approval.  Approval may take a while, but will definitely post once approved and tested. 

Knowbe4 products work really well and their customer support is amazing.  Our company is currently using their phishing campaign products and helps our users be more knowledgeable. 

Re: Knowbe4 Ransomware simulator

I finally got approval and ran the tests yesterday.  Surprisingly, Malwarebytes was less vulnerable than McAfee ENS.  Malwarebytes and Windows Defender blocked a lot of the files at first and you have to whitelist a few safe files for the program to successfully run.  What specifics are you wanting? 

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