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I need your help!

I bought a used laptop computer (HP EliteBook 6930p) and it has a logon box titled "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Logon-Password" and I do not have the password and have no way of getting it. I'm assuming the hard drive is encrypted maybe? Is there a way to bypass this or disable it? Its there from the power on. No other access. Tried  pressing F10 quickly from the start to reset to factory settings and it allowed that, but then this box comes up each time. Also tried to reinstall OS and this box came up again!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I don't know very much about computers so be gentle!

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Re: I need your help!


This suite that is installed is used to Encrypt and protect the data on the device from theft. The product suite info can be found here

To be able to get into the device to perform a Factory reset or restore you will need to contact the person who sold the device to you and ask them for the password to be able to unlock the device.



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