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Howto Sync changes in password on AD server to user's PC

Hello,  We use EndPoint Encryption on user's laptops.  Now when a user does a ctrl-alt-del to change their password things are fine and EEPC successfully sync's the password with the windows password.  However we also use Waveset Identity manager to manage user credentials. So we have configured Waveset to display a webpage to the user to capture the user's new password and then resets the user's password directly on the AD server.  When htis happens we would like to somehow sync EEPC password with the Windows password asap. 

  • i did read in the McAfee communities that we can call a batch file to force a sync using forcesync.  Is there an API document that details this process?
  • Is there any webservice that we can call from Waveset to force this sync?
  • Any other ideas are much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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