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How to verify client installed Endpoint Security for Windows 10.6.1 February Update

Recently, i received email about "Endpoint Security for Windows 10.6.1 February Update" released. I download the following packages and check in to "Extensions" and "Master Repository" on ePO:

* Extension: Check in to Extension on ePO



* Package (Hotfix): Check in to Master Repository on ePOPackage.png


After I checked in packages successful, I create a "Products Update" task to update ENS, like this:


I tried to run "Product Update" task on my PC, client ran task and report task is finished. ePO log also report task completed. But when I open McAfee Client Interface and check About, the version of ENS products are the same before I run update task, not like the version of products on your release notes. I wonder: did my PC install ENS february update? Or did I any wrong?



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