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How to recover corrupted data from Endpoint Protection for Mac


I have an iMac from mid-2011 on O/S Snow Leopard (I think).  It had McAfee Endpoint Protection installed (& most likely encrypted all the data on the drive).  When I was required to update the O/S to Yosemite or later around August 2015, there was some hard drive corruption issue that I had to copy all files to an external HD and reformat the internal HD.  However, since the update was done (& McAfee Endpoint Protection 2.2.0 (1381) installed), I have not been able to open any of the files (data corrupted) either from the internal nor external HDs.  I had contacted Apple Support and was told that they don't recognize the now corrupted files.  Does anyone know how to recover these data?  They are mostly pictures of my kids as babies so I would be crushed to learn that the data is not recoverable.  (Kids are another reason why I haven't had the time to follow up earlier).

I have disabled encryption on the iMac but I still couldn't open these files.  I am attaching an .html file that had all turned to binary for your observation.  Help is much appreciated.

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