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How to create ENS installation package


I want to create a custom installation package including the Agent, DXL client, ENS platform, ENS threat prevention and ENS adaptive threat protection. Afterwards I want to deploy this package via SCCM to fresh installed workstations. I tried the package creator but the installation file somehow fails to install the modules after extracting process. Do you make similiar experiences? Other hints how to create this package?
Thanks and best regards, Timo

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Re: How to create ENS installation package

The package installer should be fine. But you probably, have a single point of failure. 

I would go through each package and make sure they all install successfully first. As if one fails the whole package would fail.

SCCM is not technically supported, so this is best effort. but in my past experience you should just be able to have your SCCM script call each msi instead of building a package. This way you can see where your failure is. 


Most likely something is failing like ENS and its causing the whole package to fail

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Benjamin Ellis

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Re: How to create ENS installation package

Hi Benjamin,
thanks for your quick reply. I will test package one by one and update you as soon I got the results.
Best regards, Timo
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