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How does EEDK work to re-package Endpoint Security Platform

Hello all!

I am fairly new at ePo and its various agents.

We are currently running VSE8.8 and would like to upgrade to ENS 10.2 on our endpoints.

We have checked-in the Endpoint Security Platform and the Threat Prevention agents in ePO (Do not want the Firewall or the Web Control)

When deploying to workstations, we do not have any problems but when we deploy to laptops, the following issue happens.

Being that our laptops are installed with Symantec Firewall, the ENS 10.2 deployment tasks we have in our ePO, does the removal of this "third party" application without our knowledge or consent.

We have placed an incident report with McAfee and their solution to this issue is to use the EEDK (ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit) tool to re-package the Endpoint Security Platform by modifying the UNINST.INI file.

Within this INI file, there is a very large "Uninstall" section that removes all the third party applications (such as our Symantec Firewall).

Is there any videos out there showing us how to use this tool?

Is there a step by step on what to do to the initial package, enter the proper information in the EEDK tool, and how to re-package the installer?

Remember, I/we are very new using this EEDK tool.

All information is appreciated.

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Re: How does EEDK work to re-package Endpoint Security Platform

OK, I have been able to repackage the Endpoint Security Platform using the EEDK tool.

The problem I am having now is that when I Check-in this new package in ePO, the package is not signed!

At this point, when I try to deploy the Threat Prevention, it should automatically install the CC or the Endpoint Platform but it is no longer doing this.

When I try to install the Threat Prevention, I get a message that the Threat Prevention could not be installed due to an Unknown Reason.

If I do a separate task to install the ENS Platform it does install separately and TP installs after the fact but the application should install the Platform automatically.

Why is it doing this?

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