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Get files from Encrypted hard drive

I have a task I'm trying to explain here.
An HP laptop purchased in 2008 and about 2-3 months ago it broke down in connection with windows update, the hard drive was disconnected and the computer was thrown out when it thought it was dead.
Now they ask me if they can get pictures out of the disk from the last 8 years. I can see when I try to put it on another PC so it stops at startup and writes Mcafee endpoint encryption and can figure out they have accidentally turned on encryption on that hard drive once.
Are there any tools or anything I can open that disk with either booting on any tool or yes opening it as an extra drive on my pc? I have the code that the user had on his windows pc and is the only code she has used and I hope I might unlock the encryption with that code? ..

Wehen i put it in a SATA dongle and access it as a USB drive from my PC then i can see the main partition is RAW in disk manager.

I hope som one have a tool that can open this drive and i just can use the password as key..

L Uth 

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