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False Artemis!E5D4675F1282

Hi,  I have a Jigsaw puzzle (from Big Fish Games) that I have literally used for years, that this morning McAfee deleted noting it was a trojan 'Artemis'.  Weird as it sounds, I actually use this game to keep focused on conference calls.  If I'm not actively speaking, my mind drifts and, I have fallen asleep (I inherited it--thanks Dad!).  This game is simple enough to be able to focus on the meeting and prevent me from drifting.

I tried sending an email per the Support Document "What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal", but each time it responds with "... A file you submitted did not arrive in a password-protected ZIP file..."  I can't sent the file because I cannot download it.

I really need this app back!  Can you please adjust your settings that this exe. is not a Trojan.

Thank you!


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Re: False Artemis!E5D4675F1282


I have tried sending the 1) sending the Big Fish File (which has to be executed to obtain the jigwin.exe file) via email, 2) I have contacted Big Fish Games and they have contacted McAfee about the game being tagged as a Trojan, and finally 3) I have contact the game creator David Gray (

I have not received any responses from McAfee, except that the Big Fish file is not a Trojan.  I have updated my product but when I attempt to Restore it gives me an Error and the Artemis number.  There are no games that are anywhere near the capabilities nor quality of this game; I have looked and the rest is very poor.  Can someone please resolve this issue?

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