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Error in EndpointSecurityPlatform_errors log

4/18/2018 02:09:51.584 PM    mfetp(6936.8640) <SYSTEM> TmpLogger.BoBl.Error (BoBl.cpp:1498): Failed to set property: BlockEnabled  error: 0x26
04/18/2018 02:09:51.912 PM    mfetp(6936.2692) <SYSTEM> MaSpb.MaSpb.Error (lpc_EnforceBOPolicies.cpp:489): Failed to set Exploit Prevention properties.
04/18/2018 02:09:51.912 PM    mfetp(6936.2692) <SYSTEM> MaSpb.MaSpb.Error (lpc_EnforcePolicies.cpp:2079): Failed to enforce some of the Exploit Prevention policies.

I get the above error on clients.  It looks like there is a problem enforcing the BufferOverflow policy.  I am not sure why or what error 0x26 is.  I have tried unchecking "block" in the Buffer overflow items of the Exploit Policy, saving, then rechecking "block" in the same policy and resaving.  That trick didn't work.  Not sure what to try next...  This is not causing a notcible problem on my sytem but would like to avoid errors and unnoticable consequences.

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