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Endpoint Protection for Mac : Webcam security compromise?


I have an Endpoint Protection for Mac installed in my Mac.

Recently searching a for a free software.

In one, suddenly multiple porn site pop up on my screen.

I immediately closed all, except one which I must accidentally click the window (instead of x).

More porn pop up. I closed all of them after that.

Next day, I got an email from a person, supposably in Romania, saying that by clicking on the porn page, there was a software which was automatically installed on my Mac to turn on my webcam and allegedly video recorded my "porn" surfing activity. It also states he was able to capture my emails contact and messengers contact.  If I don't pay up via bitcoins, he will expose these to my contacts.

I ran McAfee scan, no threat found,

What are your thoughts in this kind of threat?

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Re: Endpoint Protection for Mac : Webcam security compromise?

Hi Wagga,

What endpoint and version are you using? Can probably address your concern through technical investigation.

You can refer to the following article for more insight on this kind of scam.

Latest online scam aims to prick porn watchers' guilty conscience



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