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Endpoint 10.5 with EPO, on access can exlusions


I have noticed that both endpoint 10.2 and also in 10.5 versions if you use on access exclusion policies defined in EPO it multiplies exclusion list on clients. This started to happen when we moved from v8.8 version to endpoint.

In EPO we have predefined on access scan exclusion list and setting to not overwrite client exclusions. This same setting we used in v.8.8 and it worked, did not multiple the exclusion list on client.

We would really like to use this setting not to overwrite client configured exclusions.

ScreenHunter_272 Feb. 22 08.02.jpg

This list is on client. It shows multiple times the exclusions. Now it shows it doubled but in week or two the list is 10-20 times longer.

ScreenHunter_272 Feb. 22 08.04.jpg

ScreenHunter_274 Feb. 22 08.07.jpg

Is this something to be fixed on some point?

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Re: Endpoint 10.5 with EPO, on access can exlusions

Try to duplicate the threat prevention policy from the McAfee default (read only) policy. Set all the exclusion once again, save the policy, and assign it to a single machine. If that solves your issue, it means previous policy was corrupted, if not open a ticket with support as I have not seen any behavior like this before.



Re: Endpoint 10.5 with EPO, on access can exlusions

I created new policy from default but it didin't help.

This is strange thing because a while ago I created service request about this issue but the technician said don't use this settings, its working like desined. He didin't hear anything I was trying to tell him that we have been using this setting for years in virusscan enterprise 8 version.

I've been just waiting new versions to come out to see if problem is fixed but it is not. We have newest EPO 5.3.2 build 156 and newest endpoint 10.5. Exclusions probably work even if the list is multiplied but if you need to change something its frustrating every time to clear the list.

Anyone else using same setting, to confirm it should work?

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Re: Endpoint 10.5 with EPO, on access can exlusions


20 mcafee customers had that effected too. All with german w7 64bit.

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Re: Endpoint 10.5 with EPO, on access can exlusions


Great question anderen yes effected all Out customers....

10.5.2 Patch Comming Soon.

This we asumed only happens if Client Side exceptions are Not overwritten by Server policys.

We often had that Like this because we Password Project the Client GUI. This effected VSE 8.8 migrated Policy to 10.x.

Now today after struggling with the Problem again in 10.5.1 hf2 we noticed today that should be fixes in Community Up Release 10.5.2. Bug fixes Said exceptions after reboot are twice (Double).

So 10.5.2 Patch hopfully Solves this. we have Seen since 10.2 now.

Greetings from switzerland