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ENS Policy Migration - Policy Endpoint Migration Assistant - Is it worthwhile ?

HI all .. we are going to be migrating to ENS and have fairly significant numbers of VSE polices in place in production. We have around 4000 mixed endpoints with varying numbers of AP rules, OAS Low/High Risk (exceptions) implementations and other customized items relating to all that is (was) VSE.  I just want to put my question out there ... is anyone using the Migration Assistant ? ... and to what degree.  I actually spoke with Level 1 support and they recommended using a manual approach .. basically doing the donkey work of porting over the polices manually. I am actually leaning towards doing it this way in order to become more leaned and understanding of how ENS works ..

Any comments would be appreciated

By the way .. what the heck does "Let McAfee Decide" mean in the OAS scanning polices lol .. quite a fundamental difference in approach from VSE.

Thank you


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