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ENS Modules disappear from systems

Agent 5.5

ENS 10.5.4

175 systems are currently reporting incorrectly to ePO what modules are actually installed on the affected systems.  For instance, many machines are missing Threat Prevention, as if it is not even installed.  This is happening  on systems that I know had it installed at one time and I have verified the install folder is present.  Every day I see different ones with the issue, some even after fixing them one or more times.

Unfortunately though, I'm seeing the same issue with other modules - ATP, Platform and DXL Client.  I currently have about 175 systems that are not reporting different modules, and some are not reporting multiple modules.  I noticed on one device that TP was not enabled/running from the local console.  A reboot did not fix it - I had to run an uninstall task, push a new agent and then reinstall TP.  But with 175 affected devices, I'm not sure how to proceed, especially when I know it won't be a permanent solution.  I have found that even this process is only temporary in many cases.  Something causes the module from starting/enabling.

This appears to have gotten worse with the update from ENS 10.5.3 to 10.5.4.  I contacted Support and as they always do, told me to "just use the removal tool."  If I had to do that with the number of issues I've had with McAfee, I would never eat or sleep.  It's a constant fight.  Furthermore, Support just pointed me here so you all are my last hope!

I'm at a loss and extremely dissatisfied with this product but I hope someone here can help me.

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Re: ENS Modules disappear from systems

First things first.

1. how are you upgrading the product ? are you doing client tasks and doing complete fresh installs.
2. or are you using product deployment feature and have checked the 'auto-update' option there on that page ot upgrade the things.

Please note that you are upgrading with the intent in mind that the installations will be randomized within a system-defined time interval and systems should be deployed in groups.

I have deployed ENS, DXL, DLP and AppControl for 25000 plus machines now with various business verticals hence adivising to follow a fixed/standard approach. Opt for option 1 or option 2 as defined above.

Do let me know if you want to discuss this more in detail.


Re: ENS Modules disappear from systems

Also let me know what other endpoint products are bieng in use ? like any 3rd party security products in action other than McAfee ??? this might be useful for investigation and understanding....
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