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ENS 10.5.3 triggered by Mozilla Thunderbird startupCache .js files

Recently did a format/install of Windows 10 Enterprise, Thunderbird (52), and McAfee

ENS 10.5.3. Seems as though all *.js files in users' Thunderbird profiles are triggering

ENS, e.g.

<system name> had Suspicious Attachment!script in file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Thunderbird\Profiles\<profile name>.default\startupCache\startupCache.4.little\cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js at 12/04/17 15:39:40 UTC

Threat was Malware cleaned, the action taken was IDS_ALERT_ACT_TAK_DEL and was detected by On-Access Scan

Getting 10's if not 100's of notices like these for the different *.js files in these directories.

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