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Cisco VPN and McAfee Security Agent

Wondering if anyone else has this problem.  We are getting ready to migrate to Windows 7 64-bit. I am a Quality Assurance Analyst testing the configuration.


Windows 7 Enterprise N 64-bit  - SP1

Cisco Systems VPN Client

Authentication through RSA SecurID key

Dell latitude E5400

McAfee Security Agent

I have seen discussion on the board about not able to connect VPN and things to do with McAfee.

My problem is the opposite.

McAfee loads on boot when I start my computer. Once the computer boots I click the VPN client and connect to my VPN client. As soon as I log in using the VPN client and my security key I get a message from the Windows Action Center "McAfee has been turned off. It is recommended you turn it on."

Any ideas why Cisco is closing McAfee anti-virus?

Russell Bell

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