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Removal tool for non customers

I have a client, that somehow has gotten the endpoint 10.5 installed on his machine.   We use Symantec EP on our systems and I can not remove Mcafee Endpoint Security.  My user has "No Idea" how he got it installed.  When i go into the program, everything says Status: No Started.  I have no idea how to remove this without a support contract.  Is there noway to get the removal tool?

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McAfee Employee ktankink
McAfee Employee
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Re: Removal tool for non customers

Please see the KB below regarding the availability of the McAfee EPR tool.  Obtaining it requires a valid support Grant number.

KB90895 - Uninstallation of McAfee products using the Endpoint Product Removal tool

Are you able to uninstall the McAfee ENS product from the Windows Add/Remove Control Panel?  If the products are listed there, try to uninstall it from this location.

You can also review the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall registry location, find the GUID values for the installed McAfee ENS modules, and run the uninstall command for each installed module (e.g., UninstallString value).  Ensure the ENS Common (Platform) module is removed last.

McAfee Employee jess_arman
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Re: Removal tool for non customers

@kormsbee ktankink's suggestions of local uninstallation is recommended as your first step. If you have issue via Add/Remove Programs, then please reference KB58231 for Administrative command line removal instructions.

If the installation is truly in a broken state and cannot be removed via normal methods, and as you're stating that your client is a non-McAfee customer, you will still have to have them reach out to McAfee Customer Service for assistance. The mainline number is 800-937-2237.


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Reliable Contributor ninov_n
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Re: Removal tool for non customers


Without contract and valid grant number, you cannot download McAfee Product Removal Tool:


The only other way would be to manually uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, remove all registry keys, delete all folders and remove all McAfee drivers in Device Manager or simply save valuable data and reimage.

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