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windows 7 64 bit and XP mode states:

Windows 7 is not supported in XP Mode

But what exactly does this mean?

I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop with version 5.2.x encryption on it.

Can I install the XP mode? or will this screw up my laptop or my boot and make the laptop unusable?


I am thinking it just means that I can install XP mode but the encryption will not encrypt it.

Is this true?

Thanks for any help.


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Level 21

Re: windows 7 64 bit and XP mode

It really means exactly that - we don't "support" XP mode - ie, if it goes wrong, you can't call support and ask about it. We don't test this particuar environment in our QA process because it's so uncommon.

To be honest, I can't see any reason it would have any effect on EEPC at all - XP mode seems to be (and I am a noob at it!) just a cut down Microsoft Virtual Machine environment, so EEPC won't care about it at all - the underlying disk encrypted with the operating system will still be protected.

So, give it a go I guess and let us know - it would probably be best to try it on a machine with the EEPC pre-boot active, but the disks NOT encrypted to start with, just in case XP mode tinkers with the MBR ( I can't see why it would though).

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