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Level 11

"[ ] <unknown>" Checkbox in authentification Stage


I never saw something like this:


Unluckily there is no possibility in the next days to gather further informations out of the logs on this machine but maybe someone know what could be wrong with this.


User wasn´t able to succesfully authenticate on EEPC at home without Network connectivity after name Change of the System at the office. Back at office with Network connectivity (authentification done with an administrative Account for EEPC) and the following McAfee Policy Upgrade Task the User Account was able to authenticate at EEPC but the Checkbox appeared.

I'm sorry for my english so please don`t ghesitate to ask for further informations if required.

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Level 12

Re: "[ ] <unknown>" Checkbox in authentification Stage


could you please clarify what version of EEPC you are running?

At first glance this looks like the theme is incorrect, I'm assuming that this machine has been upgraded.. Would that be correct ?

If so, then you will need to get the machine on the network and push down the latest theme package from the ePO server to resolve the problem.

Hope this helps

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