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provision Users to computer object nodeID

So i have a script that will automatic provision a user the computer object and it seems to work. However i have ran into a issue where after we move the computer into a new OU in AD the nodeID changes on the computer object in the ePO. The only way i know how to provision a user is by assigning the user name to the nodeID without have the user having to log into the system. However since that the nodeID changes for the computer that user name is no longer assign to the computer object and after a sync it removes the name. Do you know if this is a bug or is it by design? Meaning should the nodeID change if the computer is moved to a different OU?

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Re: provision Users to computer object nodeID

Do you have When systems are deleted from the synchronization point: Delete the systems from the System Tree Enabled?

This might be happening to you: McAfee Corporate KB - Systems are deleted and re-added to the ePolicy Orchestrator System Tree upon ...


When a system is moved from one synchronized group to another within Active Directory, the system may be first deleted and then re-added to its new location within the ePO System Tree when the Active Directory synchronization is set to:

When systems are deleted from the synchronization point: Delete the systems from the System Tree


When a synchronization occurs - either via schedule or on-demand, all selected containers are synchronized separately. If a system has been moved from one container to another, the system will be deleted and then re-added if the original "source" container is synchronized before the new "destination" container. For example:

Two groups are being synchronized - Group A and Group B. Our example system, WORKSTATION, currently resides in Group A. WORKSTATION is then moved within the Active Directory tree to reside in Group B. The next time the Active Directory synchronization occurs, Group A is synced first. Because WORKSTATION no longer exists in Group A, that entry is deleted from the System Tree immediately. Group B then syncs and a new unmanaged entry is created for WORKSTATION.


This is expected behavior.


Set your Active Directory synchronizations to not disable systems when they are removed from the synchronization point.

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