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need help mounting EEPC drive as a slave

we would like to be able to mount DE 7.1 encrypted drives as a slave via USB or SATA. is there a way to do this? WinPE isn't an option for us because many of the AV/ forenics tools out there require a full windows install. any thoughts would be appreciated..

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Re: need help mounting EEPC drive as a slave

Yes, it can be done although McAfee will not officially support it....We've managed to do that many times in the past...

In very high level you need to do the following

  1. Install EEPC or MDE on the master system, but set the policy to uncheck the “enforce policy” so EEPC or MDE will not activate.
  2. Copy the "Program Files" directory from the EETech WinPE disk to the master system.
  3. Connect the slave drive to the system and launch EETech from the "Program Files" directory you've copied to the master.
  4. You'll need to authenticate to the EETech using XML (password or other tokens will not work) and use the code of the day as usual.
  5. Once the above is completed, you should be able to access the content on the slaved drive.

Good luck !

Level 7

Re: need help mounting EEPC drive as a slave

Excellent!! i'll give this a try this afternoon..

Thanks for the assist!

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