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Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

but my OS is corrupted, if i do a emergency boot can i copy the data ?

Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

The Standalone EETech does not give you the ability to copy data. You can try using the WinPE EETech and the XML file to Authenticate, after this, you should be able to get to the data.  I haven't tried that yet, but I think that will work.

If not you can use the Standalone EETech to do an Emergency Boot -- this actually find the MBR and restores it.Then you can use the WinPE EETech CD and get to the data.  This I have done  before with success.

Good Luck!


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Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

I'm also getting this error, I've tried remove EE but failed & get an Error EE120000 "Enpoint Encryption is not currently active."

Anyone can help me please?

I need to recover my data

Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

Boot through the recovery cd, do a manual decryption on the HD , start with the 1st partition and then do the other partitions as well.

Afterwards you can recover the data using the A43File Mgmt Util


Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

Do you have instructions for a manual decryption that you can provide or point me to?

Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

I am seeing a ton of these.. 6 this week so far!  I have a call open with McAfee, but so far nothing beyond "corrupted hard drive or 3rd party application or driver".  However, I have  been successful in recovering the data but it's not a simple process.  Here's what I do:

  • Export the recovery file <computername.XLM> from ePO.

               I always verify I  have the right XML file, if you don't, very bad things could happen (like instead of decrypting, you encrypt it even further). To do this:

                - Boot EETech, authenticate with the XML file, authorize with the Code of the Day

                - Open the Disk information and see where the starting sector is. On my machines it's 16065 but  it could also be 63 I believe. Also record the sector count. This is a very big number and may be used as a last resort.

                - Open Workspace and Load from Disk the starting sector and Number of Sectors is 1.

                - Then Decrypt Workspace.  If you see readable text (like A disk read error occurred...)on the bottom of the sector, you've got the right XML file. If you don't see this, then something is wrong. Perhaps wrong XML file.

  • Now boot in to EETech Stand Aloneversion. I've had this crash frequently so I limit my activities here.
  • Authenticate and Authorize again, and choose Emergency Boot This will search the drive and look for recovery data (backup sectors). If it finds this information, use it. This is your best chance to get the data back. However, I've never gotten this to boot successfully again.  It will look like it crashed, but give it some time.
  • If you can't find the recovery sector above, or you need to boot the machine without using the emergency boot. Then boot back in to EETech and Authorize and Authenticate and Choose Force Crypt.
  • DANGER!be very careful here. There are no checks or safety nets here. Type in the Start Sector and Number of Sectors you recorded from the Disk Information page and click Decrypt.  This will take a few hours depending on hard drive size and speed.
  • Once this is done, you will need to Restore MBR, this restores the original Windows MBR, not the EEPC MBR.

Hope this helps!


Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

Oh.. I forgot one thing.. if the drive has bad sectors, then I've used Ghost to do a Sector copy (Image Disk in the Image/Tape tab) and Force Cloning (in the Misc tab). Then use the copied hard drive to do the Force Crypt  The Force Crypt doesn't like bad sectors.


Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

I have a user with the same error.  When attempting the recovery on both the EETech and the Standalone console,  it errored out and was unable to continue at all with any actions.

Good thing this was not a high level person, however, still an issue and the response of reimage is SOMTIMES, not a solution.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the correct department and proceeding with a McAfee assisted bitwise recovery? 

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Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

it depends on what level of support you paid for - your company may have a resident technician.

worst case, use the support portal?

It sounds like in the case you mention, you just needed to do a forced decryption of the drive. That would have put it back to plain text.

Re: fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

I always try the Emergency Boot first. If that doesn't work, then it gets more tricky.... I need to do a Force Crypt -- Decrypt.

First thing I do is do a Ghost to a larger hard drive. Use it to do a sector copy as I described in my previous post. A similar tool that does the same function will be fine. This is the safety net. I've learned the hardway that Force Crypt will error out when it hits a bad sector, then forgets where it left off. Guess what that means? part of the drive is decrypted, and the other part is still encrypted and you have no idea where.  Sounds like a good PER..

Once the copy of the drive is done, you can use EETech to do the Force Crypt -- Decrypt. Use the numbers off the Disk Information to get it going.

Also, make absolutely sure you have the right recovery key! If you don't, bad things happen.... you'll end up with a double encrypted drive.


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