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eepc 6.0.2 upgraded upto 6.1.3 wont get decrypted?

We have checked in 6.1.3 packeges in a different branch (in order to keep the "current" 6.0.2 as is together with its 6.0.2 clients as they are wit no change) and got 6.0.2 upgraded well, but those ugraded can NOT be decrypted. We get "Error while uninstalling eepc" then "Error occurred while uninstalling EEADMIN_1000" for the other part of the decrypting task. The policy is well set and inherited, the same policy settings are used to still successfully decrypt 6.0.2 machines. The upgraded machines indeed are "Active" + "Encrypted". the ePO was 4.5 patch 4 and had been patched with Patch 5.

I attache a log that shows those errors mentioned above. Any tips and/or help are much appreciated. thnx

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Re: eepc 6.0.2 upgraded upto 6.1.3 wont get decrypted?

Hi eepc,

I have this issue too. I found one solution, but this process is very unhappy :-(


1. Found user account via ePO query > EE: Users

2. Delete all users from this account and set in the group users > Inheritance broken: True

3. Use wake up call from ePO, after deploy on the client push events from the client and now will be correct deploy policy and the client will be start decrypting.

Be careful! You can't in the moment restart the computer, because aren't any users in the local token. I recommend to enable automatic boot in the policy.

Give me feedback please, if this steps was helpful for you.


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