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ePO 4.5 with EEPC 6.1.2 - Upgrade path to ePO 4.6.7 and EEPC 7.1

Hi all,

Hoping you can help me out.  I'm struggling with finding an upgrade path from ePO 4.5 (Windows Server 2003) with EEPC 6.1.2 to ePO 4.6.7 and EEPC 7.1.  My problem is the high level steps.  I can find the documentation for implementing the individual pieces but I"m not sure if I"m supposed to setup new server, migrate, update agent, upgrade EEPC, etc.   Get my drift?

It's my understanding there's a way to upgrade EEPC 6.1.2 directly to EEPC 7.1. I've provisioned a new W2K8 R2 server and installed ePO 4.6.7 but what next?  Migrate clients to new server?  Can I use the existing agent?  Do I install the agent then migrate to the new server?

Current setup:

ePO 4.5

EEPC 6.1.2 (Patch 2)

McAfee Agent

Client endpoints are Windows 7 Pro.

Preboot is activated

Desired setup:

ePO 4.6.7 (new server)

EEPC 7.1

McAfee Agent (current version)


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Re: ePO 4.5 with EEPC 6.1.2 - Upgrade path to ePO 4.6.7 and EEPC 7.1


there's some info here:

and an amendment here:

but if you read the KB that issue is solved in patch 1 McAfee KnowledgeBase - Error: [0xEF000008] - Failed to load cryptographic module (when upgrading fro...

It depends what your current sever settings/assignments are- you could do an in-place upgrade. - I've just completed an in-place earlier this year- from ePO 4.5 to 4.6.7 and 6.1.1 to 6.2.1.

But now you could go straight to 7.1 according the the KB.

If you transfer systems- you will need to recreate your user assignments- user assignments don't transfer between ePO servers.

Not yet myself upgraded to 7.1 so can't offer any more advice on that side of things.



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