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cross forest migration


Is there required to decrypt workstation during migration beetween epo servers in different domains ?

Is this guide from version 7.1.3 apply also to migration beetween domains ? McAfee Corporate KB - Drive Encryption 7.1 Patch 3 Client Transfer between ePO Servers Guide PD25905

Or it is true for all versions

McAfee Corporate KB - How to migrate Drive Encryption/Endpoint Encryption for PC Users from one doma...

To migrate users from one domain to another:

  1. Decrypt and deactivate any encrypted systems prior to the migration. This allows the AD user to be removed from the client.
  2. Migrate both the user and system in Active Directory.
  3. Allow the McAfee Agent to report back to the new ePO server.
  4. Reactivate the client system.

    If the Add local domain users policy is enabled, then all previously/currently logged in domain users will be assigned to the correct node in ePO.

Please answer ASAP

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