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Level 7

challenge code change issue(Urgent)

Please help me.

Last week I setup a FRP key in EPO and assign key to domain user group A and B with password authorization.

Then I made a location based policy to encrypt specific folder with this key.

After that, Domain users under group A and B can access encrypted folder normally.

However I deassigned key from user group A and B today then assign key to user group C.

User group C includes all the users in group A and B.

Then the problem appeared.

All the domain user under group A and B could not login FRP.

It seems those users has been initialized.

Moreover I find the challenge code of domain user under group A and B change in EPO(FRP key recovery).

The challenge code in EPO is different from the recovery code I got in client PC side.

It seems FRP assign new challenge code for domain user after I reassigned key.

But the recovery code keeps old code in client PC side.

It is a bit urgent.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance!

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