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Level 9

Windows 7 & Vista Login screen issues

I know if you use SSO with EEPC v6.0.x, that it changes the login prompt for Windows 7 / Vista.  I ran into an issue where if you press CTRL+ALT+Delete and you don't put anything in, you eventually just get a cancel button on the screen.  If you press cancel, you now get nothing on the screen until you press the CTRL+ALT+Delete keys.

The issue here is that the actual text telling the user to 'Press CTRL+ALT+Delete" is missing.  The user just sits at this blank splash screen thinking something is frozen, when the text is just not being displayed.

This happened since the start of v6 and none of the patches have fixed the issue.

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Level 15

Re: Windows 7 & Vista Login screen issues

Interestingly similar issue had been (supposedly) resolved in recently released EEPC 5.2.6.

So it might have been also added to EEPC 6.0.2.

5260.1 Change to new credential provider that supports single-

sign-on with Windows Smartcard

logon (Vista, Win7)

This release includes a new credential provider that allows customers to use single-


with Windows Smartcard logon on to Vista and Windows 7. The new credential provider also

resolves the issue with expired passwords for domain users on Windows 7 machines.

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Level 9

Re: Windows 7 & Vista Login screen issues

I am running 6.0.2 so unfortunatley it wasn't added.  I opened up a service call on this almost a year ago and it wa escalated to Tier 3, so I was hoping this would have been resolved.

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