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WinPE 4 x86 - EETech

Hi guys, I actually raised a PER to get some documentation since it doesn't exist...

I tried creating a WinPE 4 x86 EETech v7 bootcd with the WinPE 3 x86 documentation from eepc_700_eetech_user_guide_en-us.pdf while skiping the creation of WinPE 3 part.

Unfortunately I get this error at boot,  :

2013-01-18 11_14_48-10.136.240.png

Has any of you guys managed to make this work? I want to use WinPE 4 to be able to manage Win8 machines.


Btw, I did confirm that every file has been copied in the right path and every EETech registry key is present. Also, the device is using AHCI.

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