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Will policy change take effect after McAfee Encryption?

Testing out a few computers with Drive Encryption 7.1.3 - I deployed to one computer regular policy changes. Computer is finished encryption. I did make some changes to the Product Setting policy - Specifically changing "Add Local Domain Users" to: Add all previous and current local domain users of the system (Previously Only add current logged on local domain users) & "Under SSO" To: Synchronize Drive encryption password with windows (Previously Only Must Match Username). Right now it is still only accepting the first username/password I setup during the encryption process.

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Re: Will policy change take effect after McAfee Encryption?

Keep in mind that after you make a policy change on the ePO server the client still needs to do an ASCI to communicate back to ePO to get the the new policy. You can force that from the ePO server by doing a wake up call or on the client within the Agent monitor using the Check New Policies button.

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