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Version Mismatch: Endpoint Encryption Modules

I'm having a heck of a time with the following two issues:

1. Poor Performance since the deployment of Endpoint Encryption 6.0.2 to our IS laptops

2. Version Mismatch in the Modules window when viewing Endpoint Encryption Status

Poor performance is specific to startup times AFTER the MEE bootstrap. The other lag point is when a user hits CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in. For some reason it takes nearly 2 minutes for the login window pops up to allow a user to enter his (or her) credentials. The shutdown times are usually 3+ minutes on a Lenovo T510 (250GB drive) and 6+ minutes on a W510 (500GB drive).

The version mismatch is barring me from deploying encryption to a handful of laptops. What we're seeing is for the Provider Plugin for PC, for the remaining plugins, while the agent is stuck at On some machines the plugins themselves are mixed between and and it's causing a heap of problems with removal of the product and upgrades to Hotfix 1. What's even more baffling is how some machines are still able to be encrypted with these versions all over the spectrum while others simply will not even show up on the console as encrypt-able.

This version mismatch is the result of a poorly configured ePO server that I was forced to retire when I got hired. Since then, I've migrated all the systems to the newly configured ePO server (in accordance with McAfee's best practices).

Is there a way to clean up these version mismatches outside of ePO? The console goes through the motions of removing, re-installing, but nothing really happens on the client-side. I just encrypted 30+ laptops and I'd really hate the impending "egg on my face" if I'm forced to decrypt and re-image these laptops.



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