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VMDK Encryption

Hi ! I need to know if the encryption of vmdk Is supported by EPPC6.x My costumer (Bank) needs to encrypt ESXs based mission critical servers.


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Re: VMDK Encryption

how are you proposing to use EEPC? To install it within the VM itself?

Re: VMDK Encryption

I need to install it into the virtual machine. It is required to protect the data on the VMDK. 

Re: VMDK Encryption

So someone is going to login to the VM every time it's restarted?

Re: VMDK Encryption

Yes Safeboot my customer needs to keep safe the data on the VMDK, the question itself is

If I sell EEPC and the customer installs on vmware enviroment, McAfee will give support? Can I selll eepc6 ? as I told you the customer its a Bank

Re: VMDK Encryption

you would need to discuss this with your local support team I'm afraid. I could not find anything in the KC to prohibit this, but of course, you need to make sure the OS they are using for the servers is supported.


Re: VMDK Encryption

I have fear Mr Safeboot , the answer will be "Does not compute", and the paradox will be run thanks you for replies!

Estoy peor que al principio, muchas dudas. (sorry for the spanish my english is not good as yours)