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Upgrade older MDE clients to without restart prompt?

We need to upgrade 7.1.1 and the older versions of 7.1.3 to

When we push the client task to upgrade EEGO, MDE agent and MDE client, a restart pop-up with a countdown timer pops up on the user's screen scaring them into thinking the machine is about to automatically restart and cause them to lose their work.  This results in needless help desk calls.

How can we suppress the restart and the prompt to restart and just let the installation complete at the next reboot even if that reboot doesn't happen until days later?

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Re: Upgrade older MDE clients to without restart prompt?


you could try to add the switch "/NoRestart" within your task definition.

At least for EEPC this switch was working when used in ePO created Clienttasks (or it maybe was "/NoReboot"; it's been a while).


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