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Unable to recover user token

I am currently setting up EE for PC 7.0 with ePO 4.6. And i have having problems with the user recovery.

Now my user base policy is set to use RSA Stored value Smart card as the authentication token type. This is working fine and i can set user's up and logon using the token no problem whatsover.

The problem is when i try to do a User Recovery to "Reset Token", i go through the recovery process and on the client machine get to the end were it prompts to "Register your token" this is were i would expect to set the password for the Token as i did when i initially set up the token.

However it will not accept any passwords i try to register the Token with. The only password it will accept is the one currently assigned to the token. I need to be able to set a new password at this stage to do "offline" resets which then sync when logged onto the network.

I get the same result doing both an administrator recovery and a self recovery.

I dont know whether im missing something obvious or its just not possible(which i doubt)

Thanks in advance

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Level 7

Re: Unable to recover user token


All recovery methods that involve resetting the PIN are currently not supported.

You can read it in non-critical issues in the release notes.

I had a support case to get Information when it will be resolved, but they dont know.

So you must do a machine recovery to get the system running, and then you need to use a method to reset the smartcard Pin (we use Rsa Control Center and the Pin unblock Wizard)

Hope this helps

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Level 21

Re: Unable to recover user token

You are correct. For non password tokens, to reset them use the system the token manufacturer offers. Most "hard" tokens can only be reset that way.

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